Growing up in Long Beach, California, the diversity of terrain fueled my adventurous curiosity that led to both artistic pursuits and emergency room visits. I liked to be creative and take risks, so I would dive into anything that sparked my interest including drawing, photography, skateboarding, surfing and bike racing.  Eventually the artistic endeavors would top the priority list and my bandage consumption was minimized.

I spent my late-teen and early-adult years studying drawing and painting and blowing glass. I also invested a considerable amount of time riding waves and taking pictures. As time marched forward, the everyday pressures of life worked their way in between me and my passions, and chasing financial goals took over.

Then everything stopped… I was diagnosed with late stage 3 head and neck cancer. My entire world fell apart and survival became the only focus.

Throughout my battles, no matter how difficult they were, I found an escape in nature that always filled me with peace and re-energized me to fight on. Even just the mental images of places I’d been and places I wanted to go would carry me forward. Regaining the strength to spend time in nature capturing inspirational images became a driving force in my survival.

My ongoing war with cancer is the motivation behind my work. I am fortunate to have won three battles so far and it’s from this experience a new perspective on life emerged. Cancer rekindled my passion for photography with the purpose to create and share images that deliver the calming reprieve of the natural world.  

My role and imagery go beyond titles and pictures. Beneath each photo lies a story representing struggle, triumph and how I use the natural world to heal and find peace. I blend technical expertise, artistic vision and emotion to bring you along on this journey. It is my goal to not only please your eye, but to give you an escape to nature that touches your soul.


I currently live in Hayden, Idaho with my beautiful wife and two Labrador Retrievers, where we have close access to the rugged mountains we love. I still feed my risky side by snowboarding, but I try and avoid the first-aid kit. I’m chasing the light and living life to the fullest despite the odds.